Friday, April 6, 2007

Gardening/Landscaping can build wealth

Lots of personal finance gurus spend their time hunkered down over their computer, studying investments and tools. I have to admit to some of that myself. But there is room for another life. In fact, some times the best way to accomplish your goals is to do what you love.

One of the things I love is gardening. There is just something about watching your food grow, cutting out all the fuel and environmental costs associated with transport and bringing things down to a personal level and providing groceries with taste that cannot be bought at a grocery store. Growing shade, to increase your comfort and keep down your utility costs(see article on my Energy Guru blog) . Adding beauty, to increase your enjoyment of life and increase the value of your property. Gardening/Landscaping can be a substantial source of wealth, both in money terms and in terms of priceless luxuries.

As I've mentioned, gardening can be a good way of cutting your cost of groceries, trees and shrubs can be a good way of cutting your utility bills. But, gardening and landscaping can be expensive. To help offset this possibility, consider using native plants that will do well in your area without a lot of chemicals, fertilizers and watering. Using these will substantially reduce your cost and frustration.

Also, take note of plants free for the taking along roadsides, empty fields, etc. I've taken the opportunity in the past to use cuttings or saplings growing wild in the vacant lot next door or along the roadside. My son-in-law (Ryan) is creating a great landscape in his yard using bay, myrtle, oak and magnolia from a vacant lot and roadsides nearby, as well as cast offs from friends.

So, try this wealth building home run. Less cost for groceries, less cost for utilities, more value for your house, beauty and taste that are priceless. It is not often you get to touch all 4 bases with a single swing in your own backyard.

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